Have you spent a fortune on securing co-edition deals with UK Publishers? With mixed results?

Would you be interested in a new kind of co-edition partnership that is Brexit proof and will enable you to put ALL of your strongest titles into the UK, as if you were resident UK publishers?

We are a ‘Facilitating Publishing House’ specifically set up to assist EU and other foreign publishers in their quest to enter the UK Book Market. We provide the legal and practical platform which will enable you to open the door to the most prolific book market in Europe. We have skilled editors who will make sure your titles meet with the stringent rules of the Queen’s English.
We employ the finest selling and marketing techniques in conjunction with Nielsens and other leading experts to ensure the greatest possible exposure for your titles.

Our proposal is unique and enables you to design a co-edition partnership that best suits you, either as a single publisher, or a consortium of publishers, we can create the right Hosting Package for you!

No more spending endless time and resources fighting for each title. The door to the UK is open!