What is PS-Postscript (UK) Ltd?

There’s a Brave New World of Beautiful Books out there, just waiting to be published in the UK. A World of Information, Culture, Excitement and Dreams.

PS-Postscript (UK) Ltd are a ‘Facilitating Publishing House’ offering a new style of co-edition publishing for our foreign partners. We enable them to publish ALL of their strongest titles, which we then introduce here in the UK.
Every genre of book is covered for Scholars, bookworms, Children and readers for pleasure. Books from Europe, the Americas. Australasia and the old Commonwealth. Many of them best sellers in their own language, now available to stir the imagination and broaden the minds of readers in the UK.

Now we can all enjoy the finest of the World’s books offering a fresh and stimulating view through the eyes of foreign authors.

PS….Beautiful Books from around the World are our business